The Journey of a Paint Tin Candle

The Journey of a Paint Tin Candle

Earlier this year, we launched our Paint Tin Candles, and they’ve proved to become a staple of our brand since day one! These candles are truly one-of-a-kind, and a lot of love is poured (literally!) into each 8oz tin. 

We are so excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at the process with you, and to showcase the care that our team puts into each Weekday Candle product.

Step 1: The Design

Did you know that each paint tin candle scent has its very own uniquely-designed label? Although each label is different, they were all crafted in a similar, hand-drawn style, so they still look cohesive together. One theme you’ll spot in each label? The outdoors. One of our designers, Salma, shares “I was inspired by flowers and greenery, so you’ll see that each label has a touch of nature.”

The colour palette of each label is also carefully considered, to match the season and scent of the candle. “For example, Fall scents like Pumpkin Spice have a warm colour palette that captures the spirit of autumn!” says Salma.

We love the unique look that these labels give each tin, and think that they make great pieces of decor for your desk, counter, or coffee table! 

Step 2: The Pour

Every Weekday Candle is poured in-house, up in our loft, and our Paint Tins are no exception! It’s a pretty precise process and we’re lucky to say that we’ve got it down to a science!

Fun fact: The temperature of the wax is crucial in making the candle set nicely, so our team is careful to monitor these temperatures using a handy-dandy thermometer!

Once the wax reaches temp, it’s ready to pour! Each paint tin candle is poured by hand, one-by-one.

After they are poured, the candles are given some time to cool and set before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: The Assembly

Once the wax has set, it’s time for assembly. Our staff carefully wrap each jar with a label, fix each tin lid with a sticker describing the scent, and fasten a Weekday Candles band around the belly of the can. This takes the paint tins from this…

       … to this!       


Step 4: The Journey to You

Now that the candles are looking and smelling good, they’re ready to make their way to you! When you place an order online, our team carefully packages your order, ensuring that it arrives in pristine condition. For those visiting the Weekday Store, the candles make a brief trip from our warehouse to the store shelves, ready for you to explore and select your favourites.

We currently have 14 Paint Tin Candles available on our website, and we may or may not have some exciting new collections in store for the New Year! 

Want to be first to hear about new scents? You can always keep in touch with us on Instagram @weekdaycandles or Facebook @weekdaycandles.

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