• Types of Candle Wax

    here are 4 main types of candle wax: paraffin, soy, palm, and bees. Each with their own properties offering different advantages and disadvantages for the finished product. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of candle wax, and why we chose to use soy wax for Weekday Candles!
  • A Brief History of Candles

    Humans have been burning candles for thousands of years. Their primary use was as a light source, but over time they gained cultural and religious significance across the world. Before candles, mainly oil lamps were used for light, but they had a tendency to spill and the wick needed to be pulled up by hand as it burned. Candles created a longstanding light source that required limited human attention to maintain. 
  • Hygge

    English does not have an interchangeable term for Hygge but it is often associated with words such as simple, cozy, ritual, enjoyment, comfort, security, and happiness. It is about being present in the moment and recognizing the enjoyment of a moment. Finding small daily rituals that bring pleasure and give life significance. The concept was born out of a need to survive long, dark winters which often brought with them a feeling of mundane monotony.